From Adam & Eve through Abraham and Moses past the days of King David!

Welcome to the Genealogy of the Jewish Bible Website


This site intends to bring you both a genealogical and a chronological view of the persons mentioned in the Jewish Bible ("Torah" or "Old Testament").

The majority of the persons that appear in the Jewish Bible are genealogically interconnected and a line can be drawn from Adam and Eve till the days after King David.

You can use the "Genealogy Display" menu button above to display the genealogical data with the free and wonderfully adaptable HuMo-gen program.

HuMo-gen allows the user to dynamically create online Ancestor, Descendant and Outline Reports and a variety of charts for anyone in the database. All it needs is just a few clicks of the mouse!

In order to facilitate reading by the wider audience, the dates in the genealogical reports are Gregorian dates BCE (Before Common Era). To calculate the Jewish date add 3760 to the Gregorian date.

With the "Chronology" menu button you can read several chronological tables, each presenting the dates simultaniously in three conventions: Years since Creation, Gregorian dates according to Jewish tradition and Gregorian dates according to Chr. tradition.

The data on this site is based entirely on Jewish sources, primarily Seder Ha-Dorot (published in the 18th century) and the ancient manuscripts on which this book is based (such as "Sefer Ha-Jashar" and "Seder Olam Raba").

You are welcome to suggest additions or corrections by means of the contact form, that can be accessed from the main menu.

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